Event Report – Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing – Jun 2021 (AB)

On a beautiful Sunday in June 2021 Alberta chapter members spent the day learning how to rock climb outdoors. The morning group had to navigate wet conditions, while the afternoon group had to battle the heat, but we all learned to trust our feet, encouraged each other to push our perceived limits, and discover our strengths. With the encouragement and guidance of our wonderful guides, we were able to comfortably climb and belay. Many of us really enjoyed it and plan to continue on our climbing journey. But the highlight of all events is the laughs and stories shared, creating new connections and memories together.

Thank you to our guides @clara0000 @huens @brave_panda_climbs @zennteoh@arcteryx.alberta for the support to make this day happen, and for all those participants that showed up and made the day so special.

Thank you for once again capturing the memories of the day so beautifully:

Video by Ryan Wilkes


Photos by Allison Seto

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