Together with our community investors, Colour the Trails is working to address systemic barriers to access and participation in outdoor activities.


What we can work on together:

Community Investors, Not Sponsors

We are seeking community investors who are committed to seeing change happen through long-term support. 

We believe change comes through long term support, not a single sponsored event or promotion. Colour the Trails refuses to participate in a scarcity and competitive mindset as this creates tension and unnecessary stress for our leaders. We are looking for multi-year partnerships that we believe will better support our growing initiatives and promote change.

Shredding the Gap

Historically there’s a power imbalance when it comes to funding Black- and Indigenous-lead initiatives. Our hope is to rework the system and shift our focus from “sponsorship” to ‘investment”. When we invest in grassroot organisations who work with intention and care—regardless of their status—the return on investment is strong and joyful communities. 

This is why we are seeking community investors, who believe in investing in Black woman-led entrepreneurship, community joy, learning and the potential of human capabilities. Our aim is to work collaboratively to build a relationship that is reciprocal, centred on grace, accountability, and shredding the gap for equitable access to the outdoors. 

Investor Benefits

We believe that investing in Colour the Trails by allocating resources will benefit our partners far better than the traditional sponsorship model. Benefits may include:

  • Expand your customer base to a more diverse demographic of outdoor enthusiasts
  • Build awareness of your brand and trust in your product with Colour the Trails recognizing your efforts on our website, social media, and newsletters
  • Ensure sustainability of your market: As just one example, the skiing industry will need 3 Millennials for every Boomer that retires to sustain their market. The BIPoC community is a market that can no longer be ignored.
  • Further progress in achieving your organization’s CSR goals, with a clear, measurable impact of every dollar invested.
  • Evolve community engagement strategy entirely by working with us at a Strategic Partnership level to understand how to be more equitable and inclusive.
  • Access Community: we hold the door open for other organizations to connect with our partners to expand impact.
  • Create diversity amongst store ambassadors by finding and elevating BIPOC coaches and guides that stores didn’t know existed, and introducing them to the brand.

Join Us

If you are interested in investing in Colour the Trails, please complete the form below and let us know what type of investment you are interested in and how we can work together.


Please read before sending us a message

We would like to be clear about certain lingo and expectations:

  • “Spread the word” or “Share about us” we read as “Marketing Campaign”
  • “We need a quick call or advise” we read as “Consulting Project”
  • “Help us find people for a media project” we read as “Recruiting”
  • “Just bring people” as “Community Engagement and PR”


Partners In Equity

We are grateful for our investors, partners and community mentors who help to support our events and advocacy work. The numbers below reflect both cash and in-kind support. Together with our community, we are creating change. Thank you to all the partners listed here, who helped make it happen!

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