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“I understand when something is a trend,” she says. [Kasiama] tried to choose partners that were interested in long-term commitment and avoid those that wanted instant gratification from jumping on the diversity bandwagon.”

whistler insider

“We’re very interested in people who are community-oriented so we don’t want people to just come to us for [the discounted] lift ticket. We want them to come because they’re interested in being in a community with other folks of colour, and also interested in their own progress and growth. People who are going to continue skiing year over year, and continue progressing.”

on running

“For Juju – and Colour the Trails – community is everything. And an authentic, well-rounded community cannot exist without inclusivity.”

cAnadian geographic

“When we hear the terms “diversity” and “inclusion,” our first instinct is to look at race. We forget about the intersections of identity that shapes how we view the world and, in return, how the world views us.”


“So if we put away our pride and our standoffishness, and invite people to come, learn, and do things that we love and create a safe space for them, I think it’s amazing to see what can come out of it.”


“Kasiama’s assertion that outdoor companies like MEC have historically perpetuated a distorted view of outdoor recreationalists is one that its CEO David Labistour happens to agree with”


“It’s a part of the UN mandate,” the founder tells Forbes. “Nature is an integral part of all human experience and the BIPOC community doesn’t have access to it.”

CBC 2018

“For me, representation allows a lot of people to be like, ‘wow, I can take part in this, and it has nothing to do with my race because this person’s already doing it.'”



S4 E1 Judy Kasiama – When You Know Better, You Do Better.

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