• Sunday, Aug 7, 2022
  • Cost:
  • comfortable mentoring a beginner-ish rider

Event Details

Colour the Trails Year-round Mountain Biking Mentorship Program aims at supporting Black, Indigenous and Racialized folks to become confident mountain bike riders realizing their full potential.

Colour the Trails MTB mentorship program in 2020 and 2021 proved to be a success and we now have an established group of riders. We are very grateful to everyone who signed up to be our mentors for their time and investments into the program. Some great friendships were created and our mentors are a part of our community now.

This year, we have over 20 potential mentees interested in the mentorship program who would appreciate a chance to connect to and learn from experienced riders. While many of the mentee clinics will be in North Vancouver and the bike rental shop is there too, we do have mentees from areas surrounding Vancouver, BC so we are open to mentors from the Greater Vancouver area. Deadline for applications is Sunday, August 7.

Please note: There are limited spots for this program so it’s important that those that are selected can commit to the program based on the above commitment level. If we won’t be able to have you join this time, the MTB community around Metro Vancouver is very supportive and we encourage you to reach out to friends and explore the trails.

There are more details about the commitment required in the Google Form (click “register” button).

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