With your support Colour the Trails team will be able to organize more events, mentorship programs, and produce diverse media.

100CAD is approx 75USD





As graphic designer Lydia Pourmand explains: “Never enough melanin” came out of a brainstorm with Anaheed Saatchi on wanting to make a simple statement of solidarity with the difficulties Judy Kasiama and the Colour the Trails team have experienced working with this ivory tower of the winter sports industry. Funding post-BLM for groups such as Colour the Trails has clearly changed, suddenly diversity in the mountains doesn’t matter again. And to that, we say there will never be “enough” melanin in the mountains. We will always want more!

This is a statement of resistance and this sci-fi badass Black rider is our champion.


Colour the Trails is investing in human potential. We are passionate about what we do: not just hosting events for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour to get outside, but being intentional in building community. But we can’t do it alone.

From 2020 to today in 2024, our funding has been dropping significantly. Since the summer of 2020, when there was an influx of funding for Black initiatives, we have seen a gradual and consistent decrease. Priorities and trends have shifted, and requirements for the funding that does exist have become more restrictive. We’ve chosen to say NO to more funding opportunities than we’ll ever publicly advertise because we refuse to say yes to tokenism, or accept what a brand is offering if it doesn’t align with what our community wants or needs. We’re not looking to run Colour the Trails indefinitely. Our goal is to reduce barriers and highlight the true diversity of those of us who love the outdoors. This goes all the way from engagement, to employment, to decision-making levels, to work until our work is no longer needed. One day we hope to run out of business.

That’s where we need your support as a community, in our 100 x 100 challenge. If we can count on 100 of you to each invest $100 into our work during Black Future Month, that’s $10,000, enough to subsidize the costs of running a mentorship program or several smaller-scale events. We appreciate every one of you who has invested in us already, and we hope that we can continue to co-create a better outdoors together for a long time to come.

Total Raised: (to be updated daily): $6367.41

If you are representing a brand and would want to match our community investors with a contribution of your own, please get in touch to learn how you can get involved: